We are in business to prove that prioritizing


and social

responsibility does not have to come at the cost of quality.

We make high

quality, high

functioning bits

and pieces -  using recycled and repurposed materials - to get

you from one day

to the next.

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New Normal Works exists for the explicit purpose of rethinking and reforming environmental and social responsibility. What that means to us primarily is that each item under Drew’s machines is comprised of the most environmentally responsible materials available, whether that is a fabric woven from recycled water bottles, or using the scraps from larger bag producers in our local community.

Secondarily, it means that all of our products are designed with the utmost simplicity and functionality possible; focusing on clean design and skipping the frills or unnecessary features common in the bag industry, and promoting the essential uses of a quality bag. In short, we seek to revolutionize the bag industry-rethink responsibility.

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