We care about environmental and social responsibility more than anything else, and with that in mind we strive to make the highest quality goods we possibly can. This is also what drives our friends at EVERYBODY.WORLD, and that is why we believe that partnering with them to get the highest quality tees possible is a no brainer.


T-shirts. They can be worn for countless uses in countless ways - whether to merely cover your torso, or to make a bold statement, everybody has a “why” for the way they wear them. Haven’t you ever been curious as to why they are made the way they are? Lots of t-shirt producers factor only the cost and speed into the “why” of designing a t-shirt. Our friends at EVERYBODY.WORLD take a different approach. Rather than slinging tees at the fastest pace and lowest cost, they focus on the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact. Check out the process:

The speedy t-shirt makers of America have lots of leftover fibers in their factories that look like this. EVERYBODY.WORLD comes through and picks up those fibers to give them a second shot.

These fibers get tidied up and filtered, removing dust and debris for a nice, soft, consistent pile of cotton. Picture the clouds in The Simpsons. Get the idea? Of course, any scrap materials from EVERYBODY.WORLD’s process are sent through the whole process again.

These piles of cotton then go through two sets of machines that look like this, turning the piles into ropes of cotton, and then the ropes of cotton into threads of cotton.

You can probably figure out what comes next. The thread gets spun into tees, and those tees then get slipped on by people like you, whether it is merely a torso covering, or to make a bold statement in the name of rethinking responsibility.

Check out more about the process on the EVERYBODY.WORLD website.